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40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN ONE LITTLE SOFTWARE PACKAGE You have Built a Great Business...You know it Inside & Out. But Nothing Is Easy These Days. With Decades of Experience under Our Belts, at COEUM We Understand that Every Business, in Every Sector, in Every Geographic Corner of the Country is faced with the Common Challenges of People...Process...Profits. But somethimes you just need a spot of help to make it all just a bit better. And has long been said, when it comes to help, there is no substitute for Experience. COEUM VAULT proves that! Based upon a tried and true proven process a well as decades of experience, VAULT provides an efficient and manageable solution for preparing your business for what stands near the horizon. Whether the need be for Corporate Loan Applications, Equity Investments from Private Equity or Venture Capitalists, or even the simple need of document retention, VAULT is easily tailored to the desire for Corporate Preparedness.


THEY ALL KEEP ASKING FOR THE SAME INFORMATION... While “Where’s Waldo” may be a great kid’s game, it’s not exactly the same level of giddy fun when you are trying to run a business! Getting a cash infusion for The Business can be humbling enough. Adding the stress of gathering, creating or recreating things that have to with EBIDA, EBIITA and all the other evil dwarfs can be brutally racking. So why go into it Unprepared & Rushed. COEUM Vault is prebuilt with templates that help prepare & guide you the document labyrinth that Lenders & Investors require. Whether the need is for small PPP or Commercial loan, Angel Investment through Series B Financing, COUEM Vault is prepackaged with the basis of what is required for each stage of the Corporate Life Cycle.


INFORMATION DRIVES MULTIPLES...MAXIMIZE YOURS There Is Always One Magic Person Who Knows Where To Find Everything. Every Company Has One. So...What Happens When They Are Now Permanately Located In Patio-ville? Besides, no one has has ever created a business card with a title of “Director of Paperwork & Corporate Filing Cabinets”. Why have one now. You created a business to build the next greatest something…not to be the king of paper based administrative minutia. Stick with what you are good at… COEUM VAULT makes the core administration of running a business easy. From Articles of Incorporation, Government Filings, through employment agreements and compensation plans, COEUM Vault organizes the Company in such as way to ensure all things are prepped and ready when the day comes to kick back and permanently enjoy the beaches at St. Somewhere. Get organized, get ahead of the game easily and without pain…COEUM VAULT.


BE PREPARED & STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME A Leading National Consulting Group Suggests Each of Us Lose Up to 10 Hours Per Week Trying to Find Basic Non-Productive, Non-Value Add Information. Now multiply that by about a billion as you try and prepare all the materials that Mortimer J. Moneybags requires, without looking surprised, disheveled and overwhelmed, blowing any chance of getting that $4 loan. COEUM VAULT puts you back in charge of you – preparing you for what lies ahead as you prepare to enter the process from a point of strength, rather than from a reactionary perspective. Keep the focus on making the best widgets ever…not on creating world class pandemonium with the already overstressed employee base by being prepared, by being thorough, by being the most Clairvoyant Leader Ever!

ROI In Hours...Not Months...

So Think About This... Need cost effective? Think hours and a couple days not months like most Software Players for breakeven and ROI. COEUM Vault costs a whole lot less than that daily Moca Java Latte Extra Skinny with four pumps thing from the drive through coffee shop, let alone the fitness club membership that you swear by every January and visit as often as Crazy Aunt Emma. Make the Call…COEUM VAULT can make the difference you have been looking for.

World Class Customer Service

By definition, Customer Service is about serving the Needs, Wants & Desires of the Customer - Not the Press, Not The Board, Not The Analysts. The Customer... Period. At COEUM, we believe it is our responsibility to share Best Practices learned from Decades of Decentralized Operations, while solving problems and anwering questions that plague You today. All while exceed Your expectations. That is the COEUM Customer Service Promise.

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