Cavemen…The First WFH Workers

Cavemen Were The First WFH Workers… Without question, the Covid Pandemic has turned the world upside down like never seen before. People shelter in place, gain weight, drive less, have more pedestrian accidents. Liquor distributors are having the best year … Read More

We Have Met The Enemy…

…and clearly it is us! The markets of today, whether they be Tech, Consumer Goods or Financial Services are filled with aggressive, nimble providers, all beaming with the “Next Great Thing”. In this web enabled, internet charged market of today, … Read More

Windshields Are Bigger…

Windshields are Bigger… Than Rearview Mirrors for a Reason…and we were all built to be positive and continue to look forward. The year that is, has certainly been a once in a lifetime event, with many of life’s lessons learned … Read More

Bad News & Fish

… After Lunch They Both Can Smell Really Bad. Having flown about 27 Billion miles in my career, I have had the opportunity to meet some really great people in airplanes around the world. In one such encounter, I was … Read More