Executive As A Service

Executive As A Service


HELP Is Not A Bad Four Letter Word…

Let’s be Real…We live and Operate in a “Gig Oriented…Blast of Expertise” Economy. The success stories of today all center on the amazing success of starting a company on a shoestring. Then it’s on to selling tons, making millions and being heralded as the next Insightful Billionaire Entrepreneur. The dream continues to the conjured up images of a Personal Net Worth higher than the GDP of Lichtenstein. Oh yeah, they did all of this in less time than it took to read this paragraph. But somehow even if you read slow, doing all of that as a Solopreneur does not seem real. So now what…?


Enter Executive As A Service

Having started with a dream and two sharp pencils, today’s smart Entrepreneur quickly finds it is impossible to do it all. Ending everyday exhausted soon leads to the realization that even the Lone Ranger needed help. That immediate Executive As A Service help arrives in the form of Sales, Marketing, Operations Expertise applied with unparalleled expertise and timeliness that legitimizes the dream.

Why An EAaS…?

Simply put, you need help. An EAaS steps in a delivers: Work Not Politics. They are not their to climb a Leadership hierarchy. They are there to perform against a set of immediate work tasks. Experience Not Potential. Potential is a Latin word that means you haven’t done it yet. An EaaS brings documented experience to solve a point in time business phase and continue the scalable run to profitablility and stardom. Time to Results…Time to Value. The business phase demands performance today…not in two years. An Executive As a Service Team Member has a finite window to help offload the challenges of the day, while preparing the Company for the next phase of growth and prosperity.


When, Not If...

Much like an airplane for that vacation trip to St. Somewhere, you need expertise when you need it. It may not be needed all the time, and it may even be transitional to handle new found success. But make no mistake, help is a good thing and is always need and welcomed. So why have a total lack of needed help, or conversely, have talent sitting around wiht not enough to do, collecting money and crypto currency like a day trader? An EAaS is most often needed when: • Full Time is NOT in the Budget. Things are on the verge of exploding, the expertise is needed now, but the budget can’t support the full time Leader for less than full time workload. • The Planner Needs a Coach. There are two ways to fund a Company, sell more or go to an outside source for capital. The Coach & Planner together take the decades of experience and helps validate the plan to achieve the new definition of success. • The “Didn’t See It Coming” Departure. The grass isn’t always greener, but the person you were counting on just left to find out for sure. And of by the way, the Team still needs leadership and direction. • The Tipping Point. The tipping point is that exact moment in time that expands the Company, the Leadership, The Expertise for greater efficiency, profit or investment. Think of them as the Infrastructure Validation point on the way to the next growth phase. Executives As a Service…the expertise you need when you need it. Make time work for you again.