Driving Profits with Fractional Leadership

It was once said that “Potential is a French word that means you haven’t done it yet.” Now having been told this by a brilliantly wise old sage, the counter to this would most certainly be:

“Experience…The Latin Term for Profit.”

Companies were once built with prolonged 500+ page business plans. Market research was often discussed in conference rooms with staffs who could articulate theories developed over decades of cubicle-based doodling. The process of Go No-Go would often take half a decade to reach the concept stage and focus group alone!

But Not Anymore…Who Has Patience For That?

Today’s business market is shaped and adjusted at a breakneck pace. Strategic decisions demand experience and insight to combat a relentless and ever-advancing competitive threat. While theory and potential are great for humanistic discussions, startups and emerging businesses demand historical experience with associated proof of success. No longer can the agile, entrepreneur-based business dwell on theoretical position papers that start with ‘Our best guess suggests…’

Enter The World of Executive As a Service.   

As growth companies innovate, accelerate, and pivot, so do the demands for expertise. Think of this in the same fashion as running your household. With pressures of business, family, schooling, and expenses, you would never hire:

      •   A roofer to change the plumbing
      •   An Uber driver to rewire the kitchen
      •   A landscaper to hang wallpaper
The same applies to running a Company. Bring together the expertise that best suits the immediate challenges of the day. Utilize expertise to its fullest and keep accelerating. Team members with historical expertise and track records of success ensure that responsiveness and success are more than line items on the corporate mission statement.

So, What’s The ROI In All Of This?

      •   Cash Flow: Cash is king. Executives As a Service commonly deliver results in a fraction of the time and often at a rate one-third the cost of a full-time employee.
      •   Time: Get there faster and with greater accuracy and efficiency.
      •   Expertise: Adhere to best practices and actual results rather than ‘I’ve always wanted to try this…’
      •   Market Leadership: Publicize and demonstrate it rather than simply aspiring to it.

Business is hard. Leadership is often lonely. But a good night’s sleep in a chaotic and hectic world… PRICELESS.”

Your Thoughts…? 

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