Generating Profit not Just Revenue

Windshields are Bigger…

Than Rearview Mirrors for a Reason…and we were all built to be positive and continue to look forward. The year that is, has certainly been a once in a lifetime event, with many of life’s lessons learned quickly and dramatically. Having recently taken myself out of quarantine for a much-needed venti cup of inspiration, the “six feet apart” conversations all around me could best be categorized as:

  • “OMG, I have no idea what we are going to do – we have always been in the office and the business won’t survive if I can’t see my employees every day…”
  • “This is the best thing that has every happened! I can’t believe how much we have reinvented in the Company and how much we get done in a day and still have time for the treadmill…”

So, while many of us face what we believe is a perplexing decision of whether we should be going to Weight Watchers or AA first when the pandemic passes, the more pressing and urgent question is simple…

“Do you choose to look forward – or are you stuck looking backward?”

The Pandemic certainly carried challenges and hardships. But at the same time, it provided the greatest opportunity we may see in our life. The proactive or positive “Windshield” look forward has shown us that:

  • More Entrepreneurs have emerged in a shorter amount of time than at any other point of time in our business history
  • Employees and Team Members can be empowered to achieve no matter the Location or Geography
  • Communication & Collaboration are possible and probable when Encouraged, Nurtured and Practiced regularly
  • Opportunities for Services and Margins are everywhere
  • Timely and Robust Customer Service is easy and transportable, showing to be the foundation of quarterly incremental customer acquisition strategies
  • Fractional & Ad Hoc Team members can quickly be assimilated to fill expertise gaps without destroying budgets and balance sheets

So, look forward, the windshield is bigger for a reason…and whatever you see in the rear-view mirror can’t catch you now anyway.

Just sayin…

Your Thoughts…

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